Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

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Hi guys!

My housemate requested chocolate cake a few weeks back and I was a bit apprehensive after the fail of my first ever chocolate cake on Cookbooking Challenge, but I went for it anyways!

It was amazing! He also bought heart shaped baking dishes (my housemate is awesome) so I used them for it because I love him of course.

I again found the actual cake recipe on Pinterest; It was posted by Stagetecture and called How to Make Moist Chocolate Cake from Scratch (I’ve linked the website on the name).

It was incredibly moist and yes – the chocolate chips are 100% necessary.

I didn’t have the frosting so I made a ganache. You can use Laura’s recipe linked HERE. FYI – I don’t always use butter and it turns out fine anyways.

Remember to let it set for a few hours so the ganache isn’t completely runny. Spreading the ganache in the middle and top will get messy, but it is worth it!



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